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How to add a game?

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The ability to add a game appears after installing and activating the plugin “Aces [Mercury]” that comes with the Mercury theme.

In the “Games – Categories” section you can add game categories and descriptions to them.

How to add a game?

  • Go to the section “Games” – “Add Game“.
  • Add a title and content.
  • Featured Image“: A game image. Recommended minimum size 994x559px.
  • Excerpt“: A few sentences with the main meaning of the content.
  • Game Information” – “Short description“: A few words about the game. This information is displayed in all game widgets. Allowed html tags: <a>, <p>, <em>, <strong>, <span> and <br>.
  • Game Information” – “External URL of the Button“: A affiliate Link.
  • Game Information” – “Button Title“: You can add your title for the button. The default is “Play Now“.
  • Casinos“: From this list, select the casino with which this game is associated. This list shows the casinos that you add in the “Casinos” section.

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Important notice!

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